Friday, January 20, 2012

1 year to the date

i cannot believe it has been a year since my last post. i guess managing a blog is not at the top of my priority list. with that being said, i am vowing to myself to be a more frequent blogger. (we will see how long this lasts) alot has happened in a year. new job. new house. new car. new friends. and many new adventures. i am now working in jackson at walton elementary school. teaching second grade. and i am absolutely loving it. i think i have finally found my niche in my career. my little kiddos are just so much fun. on top of the new job. i moved out of my parents house. thank. the. lord. now dont get me wrong. my parents are wonderful and everything, but being on my own has been so much fun. im also proud to say i am the owner of a brand new 2012 honda accord. bye bye acura. so exciting. my first big girl purchase. i just recently started hostessing at walkers drive-in in foundren a couple nights a week. such an amazing place to work. great crazy atmosphere. so if your ever in foundren and want a top notch meal. come see me. just a quick update. promise to do much better in the new year. much love to all.
until next time

Monday, January 17, 2011

2011: the year of the dawgs

so. i know it has been a while since my last post. i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and a great start to the new year. its hard to believe that its already 2011, and i have already been teaching 6 months. its crazy how time flies. i have been super busy since my last post. christmas is philly and gulfport was nothing less than amazing. it is always great to spend time with family, and of course im still a child, so getting presents is a huge plus. im now the proud owner of a beautiful 32" samsung lcd/hd tv. its beautiful. and not to mention michael jackson experience for my wii. needless to say the game is intense. me and anna biggs have done some serious damage to that thing already. we have mastered thriller and smooth criminal, many more to come. this christmas was a new experience for me. first year in the big girl world, and i was able to buy every person in my family christmas gifts. it was such a cool experience. i loved shopping for everybody, and even more watching the excitement on their faces when i actually got the "right" gifts. i miss christmas already. but only good things left to come.

after christmas, it was time to make the trek to jacksonville. what a wonderful opportunity it was to be able to see the bulldogs not only play, but kick ass in a major bowl game. me, mamaw, ali, sally jo, and bailey made the long trip in the acadia. we had such an awesome time. 5 girls (and jonathan) in a hotel room is always interesting. i would like to apologize (again) for my dramatic, explosive, unnecessary pre-party actions. thanks for being such great friends. so nye 2011 was spent at the dawg pound party. cool idea, but im pretty sure we all got screwed. long line, 90 bucks, and 1 shot drinks. but it was really great to see everyone and celebrate nye with bulldogs. here are a few pictures from the paarrtty.

love you two :)


babies :))


my mawmaw.

obviously, the party was a blast. but all the bulldogs know we didnt go down there for a party thrown by some kids from tsun. we went to watch the bulldogs play. i would have paid a million bucks for that football ticket. it was a little bit of a struggle to get going after nye. but after being in that stadium and watching the dogs run all over those wolverines i was feeling like a million bucks. im so proud of my dogs. i cant wait to see what this next season has in store. i think dan mullen is perfect. im pissed at manny. but we will be just fine. everybody make your donations and buy your season tickets. because 2011 is most definitely going to be the year of the dawgs. here are a few pictures from the game.

we were really excited!!!

enjoying a bulldog win

our new friends. haha

2011 has really started out to be a fabulous year. i think its going to be the best one yet. i cant wait to see what god has in store for me this year. so far, ive started couch to 5k, experienced my first duck hunt, and filed for my first real taxes. since my life is so exciting and i know so many people read this, i will attempt to post way more often. hope all is well. i will leave you with my one and only picture from duck camp in belzoni. mexican restaurant with chase, kip, and luke. needless to say, it was quite an experience.
until next time

chase owned the place that night.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


in spirit of thanksgiving. i felt it very necessary to express how thankful i am for the many blessing in my life. i have so much to be thankful for it is unrealistic. and what sucks is how easily i take advantage of all the wonderful people and blessings in my life. i want to say thank you to the big man upstairs for everything he has given me. what a great life. i am so blessed and i know it would not be possible without him. here are just a few things i have to give thanks about this thanksgiving, and everyday.

1. my family. it might not be picture perfect, it might be crazy, it might be just plain wrong sometimes. but all in all they are my family and i love them more than anything.
2. my friends. wow. without them i would not be the person i am today. i feel so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. they are fun, caring, and just plain awesome.
3. my dog. as you all know. bella is my heart. without her i would be so lost. she is the best friend i have ever had. no matter what she is always there. i love her. she is best present i have ever gotten.
4. my job. i never thought i would be this happy with a job. i love my kids, the people i work with, and what i do. i would have never dreamed i would be working in such a great place my first year teaching.
5. my education. i am so thankful that i was able to grow up in a place where you can receive the best education in the state. and be totally prepared for life after high school.
6. my mississippi state. i am so thankful for the 4 years i got to spend in gods country. ms state gave me the best 4 years of my life. i am so happy and thankful for a college experience that gave great friends, a great education, and fully prepared me for the real world.
7. my health. im so thankful that i am healthy enough to live, work, and play each day.
8. my niece. she is the most perfect thing that has ever been created. and i love her more each day.
8. my lord. i am so thankful to have a lord who is so forgiving, selfless, and loving. i can only wish/hope to grow stronger in faith and closer to him each day of my life.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

bowling anyone?

wow. it has been a while since my last post. i feel like my biggest challenge in this new big girl life on mine is, trying to find the perfect balance. the balance between work, family, friends, exercising, bella, and a social life. i am enjoying my job more and more each day. i love the people i work with, and most importantly i am falling in love with my students more each day. i teach in a low income area, and it is such an incredible and depressing feeling to know you might be the only positive aspect in a child's life. with that being said, we just finished up homecoming week, which my sga was in charge of. it was a lot of and a really good excuse to not be dressed in work clothes for a whole week. i took my sga to a conference this wendesday, and may i just say, yall think im adhd, you all should have met this speaker. i felt like i was at cheerleading camp times 10. but it was a lot of fun to spend the day outside of school with 8 really cool kids, who really could be great leaders one day.

on a different note, how about them dawgs. wow. i cannot believe this. i am so proud to be bulldog. (wish i could say the same about my superbowl winning saints, but its still early in the season) i cannot believe we beat florida and are now 6-2, and bowl eligible. what an amazing feeling. and i think we definitely have this man to thank. let me just be the first to tell you. i LOVE dan. i think he is fabulous, and just what we needed in the vegas. i think he is doing a wonderful job, and hope he is around for many years to come.

oh and one more pic for the dawgs. how perfect is this?

what makes it even better is knowing that school up north is 3-4. its just perfect. all i have to say, is we will see at the egg bowl. get ready. i hate to wish negative things on people, but come on the black bears. its all just to funny to hold it. i secretly was rooting for hotty toddy. but i wanted the muppet-like-characters. but i guess we will just have to settle for this instead.

on wednesday, im headed to nola for a math conference with the other 2 math teachers from school. we are super excited for a break, nola, and of course learning some really cool stuff to share with our students. however, this means i will be missing another ms state football game. im a little disappointed, but i know my dawgs can pull out another w. i hope everyone has a relaxing sunday, and a fabulous week. oh, and in the spirit of the game...who dat.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

something special

so. its been a couple of weeks since my last post. i have been super busy with work. if you havent heard i am the SGA sponsor at school. it is definitely a blessing and a curse. so far i am enjoying every second of it. with that being said, it is a lot of extra work. i just got my council friday, and we already have 2 fundraisers in the works, and fall ball/homecoming activities in a month. needless to say, i am extremely overwhelmed, excited, and tired. i cant wait to see what this year has to come with my new job and new "big" girl responsibilities. as some of you may know, luke and i broke up a few weeks ago. it has definitely been an adjustment back into the single life. luke and i love each other very much, and needed to do what was best for the both of us and this time in our lives. since our breakup, i have spent alot more time with my friends, family, and job. i have decided that this year i am going to focus on me. being the best teacher, friend, sister, and daughter i can be. cheesy i know, but when you havent been single for more than 6 months in 6 years. that is just what i need. on a lighter note, im so excited about starkville this weekend. i cant wait to hear cowbells, see my friends, pull out a w, and of course celebrate brettes bday. hope to see alot of you in the vegas. anyway, enough about me. this post was intended for someone/something special.

as some of you may know, sunday is brettes 21st bday. brette is not only my lil sis, but one of my closet friends. there are so many things i love about brette. she is so special to me and i cant wait to celebrate ALL weekend. so here are a few things about the brat herself.
1. always up for a good time.
2. count of her for anything.
3. she likes bushes, streets, boxes, futons, and dance floors.
4. beer runs, sb2k09, date parties, boys bid day, orientation, big sis/lil sis, swaps, skybox, state theater, mugshots, sae house, kip, and the fair.
5. on a serious note. brette, you are so beautiful inside and out. i love you to the moon and back. i hope your bday is everything you want it to be and more. i cant wait to see you friday.
until next time

i though i would leave everyone with these:

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

they call me ms. clerks

hello friends. i know it has been way too long since my last update. but being a big girl takes up ALL my time. so since my last update, i have officially began my teaching career. my days are spent in my math classroom with my 63 sixth graders. i am absolutely loving everyday of my job. dont get me wrong it is hard, tiring, and work but it is such an amazing profession. i love knowing that i taught someone something. my kids are hysterical. i love them. everyday brings something new and exciting. i never knew sixth graders could be so entertaining. they keep me on my toes every minuet. i love how they think they are so grown, but still draw pictures of me on my board with sayings like "ms. clark be the best" and "ms. clark is da bomb." i have six different classes full of many different personalities. each one of my classes is special in their own way, and i love that. i think i have definitely found my calling. i never dreamed in a million years that i would enjoy hormonal and emotional middle schoolers, but i love them. i had an interview at an elementary school this summer, and the principal had previously been in middle school administration and told me "ms. clark i would love to hire you, but your supposed to be teaching middle school." well i never thought she would be right, but she most definitely was. i am so happy with my job. i love me students, principal, staff, and fellow teachers. i could not imagine a better place to start my teaching experience.

on a different note, its 4 days till kickoff. this week i have bought maroon nail polish, under garments, and clothes. needless to say i am overly excited. i cant wait to be back home. i miss my friends, mugshots, the cotton district, phi mu house, and football. although, i am sadden to say i will not be in starkville this weekend. luke's cousin in getting married in baton rogue, and i am super excited. i will be cheering the bulldogs to victory from tiger town. i cant wait to see everyone soon, at the auburn game next thursday. i hope all is well with everyone. oh and remember, ring responsible this weekend.
until next time

Monday, August 2, 2010

bring on the 6th graders :)

so, as most of you know, i just returned from the fair. or for you non-fairgoers, neshoba. i have been spending my birthday at the fair for the past 22 years. the fair is most definitely my favorite place on earth. the red dirt, good food, horse races, friends, family, late night porch talks, dancing, and awesome country music entertainment make the fair the best week of the year. but if you have ever been, you know one week is just enough time to get your fair fix in for a whole year. i will miss it terribly, but i am so glad to be home and back in my routine. while at the fair i celebrated my 22nd year. i must say, i do feel a little older. i guess that is because i know i will not be starting classes in a couple weeks. i celebrated my bday with emily, brette, anna, mawmaw, haley, and samantha (luke and brittany, and many more were greatly missed). my bday included a day at the horse races, chair racing, first row seats to the luke bryan show, and late night dancing at the square. thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family that made my bday one of the best ones yet. i love you all.

well on a much different note...I GOT A JOB! i had an interview at Northeast Madison Middle School this morning at noon, and got the call at 330. i am absolutely overjoyed. i never thought as a first year teacher i would be working with Madison County Schools. i will be teaching 6th grade math. i feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity and cant wait to start work. i am going to see my classroom tomorrow, and finalize some paper work. friday is new teacher orientation and monday and tuesday i have district wide staff development, and finally, on wednesday, i will get to meet my students. i will try to post again early next week. i will very busy from now until my kiddos come. this week i will be running errands for school, and i leave friday for gulfport to watch the beautiful kim callahan become mrs. best. its going to be a beautiful wedding, and awesome party and reunion. until next time.